My heart is chilly and cold.

Replaying conversations, from not so past.

My brain is doing the most,

Controlling these conversations like we’re in a debate.

My heart is looking for company, desperate for it even.

My brain is too tired to fathom this.

It has allowed our conversations shuffle however they feel like because, its tiring trying to mediate in here.

So I am jumping off the bubbly conversations to the exhausting ones back to the mature ones over to the vapid ones once again, the hurtful and aggressive. The calm conversations, the hard and uncomfortable to the happy conversations, the sad, sullen. The intentional conversations. The conversations here are warming up this space.

Maybe after all this, we can start new conversations.

Warm and hot with a little bit of madness.

I'm trying to find meaning in these random words creating beautiful spaces... Will you journey with me? 🌻